KGSM Interested Members Booklet

KGSM Interested Members Booklet


General Manager: Cameron MacDonald

Music Director: (Position Available)

Promotional Director: (Position Available)

Systems Administrator: (Position Available)

Programming Director: (Position Available)

Financial Director: (Position Available)


Faculty Advisor: Kyle Chambers


Last Updated: June 2015



Welcome to KGSM Student Radio, the student run radio of Gustavus Adolphus College, located in St. Peter, Minnesota.


About KGSM

KGSM Student Radio is a student run organization that has been recently resurrected after several years of inactivity. Our goal is to be a place students can listen to a broadcast new music while learning about radio production and management.



KGSM Student Radio was created for the purpose of creating and broadcasting informational, educational, and music material to the Gustavus Adolphus College campus. Since its creation, KGSM has expanded its broadcasting range from just the local campus to worldwide via the Internet.


KGSM Staff

KGSM is run by a staff of students who volunteer to take on the following responsibilities and duties.


General Manager

Responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the station including directly supervising the Music, Promotional, Programming and Financing directors as well as the Web and Systems Administrator. Has an understanding of mission and purpose of the station and the different goals of each director or administrator within the organization. Expected to attend and lead bi-monthly meetings with staff, and monthly DJ meetings to evaluate the status, needs, and performance of the station. Should have an understanding of the function and purpose of radio as a medium for information and communication in society. Experience with having own show, or managing the station equipment.


Music Director

Responsible for charting airplay on KGSM. Expected to chart and report new music weekly to the College Music Journal (CMJ) and keep in touch with representatives of major and independent record labels about airplay. Also expected to check the mail every Monday for new promotional CD’s or letters from labels. Must attend bi-monthly staff meeting.


Promotional Director

Responsible for the creation and distribution of publicity materials for the various events and programs hosted or sponsored by KGSM throughout the academic year. Publicity materials include but not limited to fliers, posters, or other visual media; Facebook, Twitter, and the KGSM blog through Gustavus Adolphus College. Expected to attend bi-monthly staff meetings.


Systems Administrator

Responsible for maintenance and attention of soundboard, computers, and other station equipment in the studio. Required training by current systems administrator. Expected to attend bi-monthly staff meetings, as well as organize and lead the New DJ Orientation session in the studio.


Programming Director

The programming director works with the DJ’s and journalists to develop shows and answer the question of how their show serves the Gustavus community. The programming director is responsible for accepting applications and placing shows within the schedule. Oversees attendance of DJs and has a strong interest in helping shows develop. Expected to attend bi-monthly staff meetings.


Financial Director

Responsible for managing KGSM finances and working with the various other managers to identify the needs of the station. Those needs should be reported to the other staff members at bi-monthly staff meetings. Also responsible for reporting financial concerns to Student Senate at various times, as well as working toward finding new and creative ways to raise money independent of Student Senate.


Becoming a DJ

There are a few steps new DJs must complete before they can begin broadcasting at KGSM

  1. Fill out an application with your name, your shows name and preferred time slots. Send through P.O’s, or via email to programming director.
  2. Attend an Orientation Session
    1. Orientation sessions are provided to introduce new DJs to KGSM and begin training. The sessions are lead by the Systems Administrator and are meant to make the new DJs feel comfortable in the studio. Each DJ will learn how radio shows should be completed from start to finish, with general tips and tricks discusses along the way. Additional training as requested.
  3. Schedule a Show
    1. Once DJ orientation is completed, you are ready to broadcast!


DJ Responsibilities

In order for the station to run efficiently and professionally, KGSM requires DJ’s to perform certain tasks during the semester.


Duties during scheduled shows

  • Fill out programming logs consistently and correctly.
  • Play or read any special promos or announcement when scheduled
  • Play or read the legal station ID (“KGSM Student Radio, located in St. Peter, MN”) at the top of the hour, every hour.
  • Re-stock CDs or records used after your show
  • Know what to do in case of studio equipment failure
  • Make sure you and your guests follow the KGSM “on-air” guidelines


Duties outside scheduled show

  • Attend monthly DJ meetings
  • Accountable for publicity of show
  • Complete a minimum of five volunteer hours for KGSM per semester (i.e. concert, album, band review posted to KGSM blog, Attending, organizing, or creating specific KGSM projects, Assist with new DJ training, Creating a PSA, Helping KGSM sponsored events). Holding a staff position for an entire semester exempts a DJ from volunteer hours.


General Meetings

All KGSM DJs are required to attend monthly meetings. General meetings are set up for all KGSM members to be updated on general station happenings. Much information will be passed along to members during these meetings.



DJs are permitted to have guests or assistants in the studio with them. Each DJ is responsible for their guests’ actions in the studio. Therefore, anything said by the guest or damage to the studio will be held accountable to the hosting DJ. Also, any person that has not been through the DJ orientation sessions will not be allowed to substitute for a DJ. This means non-certified person cannot be left in the studio unattended.