Spring 2013 Broadcasting Schedule

Posted on March 24th, 2013 by


6pm-8pm: Radio*Active with Mackenzie
8pm-10pm: Sunday Night Freak Show with Lauren and Erin
10pm-12am: Radio Tornado with Ian and Evan


4pm-6pm: Angel Radio with Chelsea
6pm-8pm: Case of the Mondays with Jackson
8pm-10pm: Dead Air with Jenny and Kristina
10pm-12am: Michael Q.


6pm-8pm: Love Us Sexy with Jasper and Jon
8pm-10pm: Schaming with the Don with the Don
10pm-12am: Things I’ve Been Known to Say with Katlynn


6pm-8pm: Two Guys and a Mic with Michael and Fred
8pm-10pm: The Irregular Show with Gary
10pm-12am: Occupied Media: The Stories You’ve Never Wished to Hear with Ryan and Erik


4pm-6pm: On the Radio with Becky
6pm-8pm: Western Exposure with Sydney
8pm-10pm: Sorry ‘Bout It with Kelsey and Jon
10pm-12am: The Inquisitive Listener with Cristian


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